Our offices are located in Nieuwegein, at the intake site Cornelis Biemond of the Amsterdam water services company Waternet.

Gerard Stroomberg | Riwa-Rijn

Dr. Gerard J. Stroomberg

Director Management of knowledge acquisition, lobbying and external representation

André Bannink | RIWA Rijn

André Bannink

Policy Advisor Assistant lobbying and external representation

Cynthia Zwamborn | Riwa-Rijn

Cynthia Zwamborn

Secretarial employee Organisational / financial and business matters

Gerrit van der Haar | Riwa-RIjn

ing. Gerrit van de Haar

Water Quality Monitoring Data processing and reporting

Aart Smits | Riwa Rijn

Aart H. Smits

Technical-scientific employee Monitoringnetwork design and statistics, office automation / databasemanagement

Rozemarijn Neefjes | Riwa-Rijn

Rozemarijn Neefjes

Water Quality Monitoring Data processing and reporting

Joanne de Jonge | RIWA-Rijn

Joanne de Jong

Analysis of Water Quality Data Monitoringnetwork design and statistics, databasemanagement and reporting