The RIWA – Association of River Water Supply Companies – was founded 65 years ago as a cooperative of Dutch water supply companies that use surface water for the production of drinking water. Since 2002, three independent sections have been set up within RIWA for the rivers Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt – united under one umbrella organisation. Each section promotes the interests of drinking water in its particular river basin: quality development, research, reporting, information provision and actions.

The RIWA-Umbrella organisation promotes the general interests of the river water supply companies. RIWA-Rhine and RIWA–Meuse, together, hold consultation with organisations such as Vewin (Association of Water Supply Companies in the Netherlands ) and governments inside and outside the Netherlands . The section RIWA Rhine collaborates with its German, Swiss and French colleagues in the IAWR, i.e. International Association of Water works in the Rhine basin. This umbrella organisation, which was founded in 1970 by RIWA, ARW (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Rhein-Wasserwerke) and AWBR (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Wasserwerke Bodensee-Rhein), covers the entire Rhine river basin.