September 3rd, 2024

September 3rd: publication date annual report

On Tuesday 3 September 2024, RIWA-Rijn will publish the 2023 annual report. This report describes the water quality of the Dutch part of the Rhine river basin in 2023 at the border crossing at Lobith and at the intake points at Nieuwegein, Nieuwersluis and Andijk. We compare the measured values with the target values in the European River Memorandum (ERM) and pay specific attention to substances exceeding these target values. In addition, we report on the development of the level of purification required for the production of drinking water (WFD article 7.3) at these locations by means of the purification task index. We also assess at Lobith the emission reductions targeted by the Rhine Ministerial Conference in 2020 in the ICPR work plan 2040.