February 3rd, 2020

New RIWA-Rijn publication: ‘Our Rhine water’

This latest RIWA-Rijn magazine ‘Our Rhine water’ is a special edition on the occasion of the Rhine Ministers conference on 13 Februari 2020 in Amsterdam. In this magazine, we want to inform you about recent developments which are important for drinking water companies which use the Rhine as a source for the production of drinking water.

The drinking water companies explain the importance of the Rhine, we present our partners, our purification treatment effort index and the chain approach to pharmaceutical residues in water.  Finally, we provide an overview of river-relevant topics and activities from the past year.

“We invite our politicians to provide more support to drinking water issues in international consultations, particularly to raise awareness and emphasise the importance of clean rivers. Because the Rhine needs to be cleaner. Let’s accept the challenge and make concrete agreements to improve the water quality of the Rhine.”

The magazine can be found here.