September 4th, 2023

Annual Report 2022 – The Rhine

This RIWA-Rijn annual report describes the water quality of the Dutch part of the Rhine catchment in 2022 at the border crossing at Lobith and at the intake points at Nieuwegein, Nieuwersluis and Andijk. We have compared the measured values with the target values in the European River Memorandum (ERM) and pay specific attention to substances exceeding these target values. We also report on the development of the required level of purification for the production of drinking water (WFD article 7.3) at these locations by means of the removal requirement index. At Lobith, we also assess the emission reductions targeted by the Conference of Rhine Ministers in 2020 in the ICPR work plan 2040.


This year we reflect on the increasing demand for drinking water in the Netherlands due to population and economic growth. The Dutch government plans to have 900,000 new homes built and these will all need to be supplied with good drinking water in a timely manner. RIWA-Rijn members are conducting explorations for new sources of drinking water to meet the increased water demand. Many of the locations being investigated are in the Rhine catchment. A clean Rhine will therefore become even more important for the Dutch drinking water supply in the future than it already was.


In this annual report we pay particular attention to the development of lithium concentrations in relation to plans for lithium mining and processing in the Rhine basin. We also give an overview of our activities on the topic of contrast agents and the initiatives taken in Dutch hospitals. We describe the legal effect of Water Framework Directive Article 7.3 based on a recent opinion given to the European Court of Justice. In addition, we look back at the past UN Water Conference in New York.


Our annual report is available in Dutch and German.